traditional group Health Insurance

Guarantee Issue Major Medical Group Health Coverage

LightPoint Financial Group specializes in formulating custom traditional group health plans for all sizes of businesses.  If your company wishes to provide a traditional style health plan for your employees, then give us a call.  We represent all of the major carriers in the "Group Health" space. 

Features of a Traditional Group Health Plan
The Most Common Approach



Usually underwritten by one of the “Big 3.”



“Guaranteed Issue” plans as mandated by the Affordable Care Act.



Generally has higher premiums than other options.



Premium rates are subject to increase each year based on the experience of the underwriting insurance company.



Premium Paid by Employer is Tax Deductible for Employer and tax exempt to the employee.



Meets the Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) imposed by the ACA. (Businesses with 50 or more employees)