self-funded group Health Insurance

Underwritten Major Medical Group Health Coverage

The leadership at LightPoint Financial Group recognized the value in "non-traditional" approaches to health-care more than a decade ago.  We recognized the value in these plans and have made these unique plans a major part of our product and plan offerings.  Different sets of laws govern these plans that allow for more flexablity with the implementation and administration of these plans.

Features of a Self-Funded Group Health Plan
Provide Health Coverage For Employees In Multiple Locations - Even Across State Lines!



Provide Health Coverage For W2 Employees and 1099 Contractors!



Provide Health Coverage Which Could Potentially Provide A Partial Refund Of Premium! 



Provide Health Coverage That Is Completely ACA Compliant.



Provide Health Coverage That Potentially Costs 10-30% Less Than Traditional Group Coverage. 


Provide Health Coverage That Can Allow For Different Coverages Based On Employee Classification.